We roast our coffee at The Flower Pot Cafe and Bakery, in La Jolla, CA.

The Flower pot is a place for an uprooted plant

This is a place caring for the tree whose seed was planted a long time ago. A tree that shaded jokes, and love, and arguments, and pain and joy for many years. A tree that held space for community, reaching boughs out to the lawyers and realtors, the cooks and the baggers, and beggars, the unkempt and the unhoused. A home for every part and person of a place so beautiful it’s hard to leave.

The tree we care for is one to nourish the community, no matter your status or stature, your connections or credentials. This is a place to find conversation, community, art, science, argument, growth, life, and death. This is a place where while we serve coffee and tea, and pastry and breakfast, we pour in our souls to the idea that the work you will do, when you leave or you don’t, will be fueled, and will fuel this community.

This is our place. This is our tree. Please do your best to keep her well.

Come see us:
7530 Fay Ave
La Jolla, CA

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