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We micro-roast daily | Our coffees are small batch, organic, single origin or post blended.

We LOVE coffee. We love traveling to origin and working with the farmers. We love roasting the coffee. We love brewing and artistically arranging your drinks into edible masterpieces. We just love coffee.

TLC Roasters - love in every bean.

  • Quality

    From sourcing the finest coffee beans from around the world, to roasting them in-house to perfection, we are dedicated to delivering a premium coffee experience. We also trains our baristas to prepare each cup with precision, ensuring a consistent and delicious experience every time.

  • Sustainability

    We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment and local communities. The brand works with farmers to support sustainable coffee growing practices and uses eco-friendly packaging materials.

  • Tradition

    We value the heritage and tradition of coffee-making, and strives to preserve the authenticity of the craft. From sourcing beans from traditional coffee-growing regions to using traditional preparation methods, the brand is dedicated to keeping the art of coffee-making alive.

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Flower Pot Cafe and Bakery (where we roast our coffee)

Where every cup is crafted with passion and precision to deliver an unforgettable coffee experience. The Flower Pot Cafe and Bakery is more than just a café; it's a sanctuary for coffee aficionados, a hub for community connection, and a place where every sip tells a story. From the moment you step through our doors, you're greeted with the rich aroma of freshly ground beans and the warm embrace of our friendly staff.


Dos Mujeres

Sweet, sensuous, hints of chocolate covered cherries + bourbon. A great afternoon cup.

Aspen's Blend

Our version of a breakfast blend: chocolate + rich, with complexity and a lingering finish. Medium roast, just right.

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  • Karen Hong

    Excellant coffee. Easy to make different strengths for everyone. Rich flavor. Much easier than brewing for a plain cup of coffee. Thanks, Tasty, yummy Instant Coffee, have a great day now. :)


  • Annie M.

    Been buying these for years. It is a favorite staple in the house and office. Easy to use. Good flavor for everyday beverages, and easy to add into deserts (we do love coffee stuff here).


  • Mary C.

    I love these bold and flavorful beans in the morning. It is not overpriced and tastes fresh and strong. I will buy it again. This coffee tastes good. When you grind the beans you don’t get the fillers.


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