Meet Aspen Rodgers

Aspen Rogers is a three-legged rescue dog who inspired Three Legs Coffee Roasters and Aspen’s Dog House. The mixed breed tripod is well known to the La Jolla community for bringing joy wherever he hops. 

Aspen didn’t have the greatest start to life so when he was up for adoption, his dad - Ace Rogers, decided to save the handicapable pup and provide him with love and a luxurious lifestyle never before seen in human history. 

The “Big Dude” is now the richest dog in La Jolla & Las Vegas who loves supporting local businesses, getting high, eating the best steaks, and providing various philanthropic acts on a daily basis. 

He can often be seen with his head sticking out of roofs & windows of his cars while driving around town.  You can follow Aspen’s three-legged adventures at @richdogonboard.

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